SKYLOONG Dark Fairy Pudding Keycaps Set

120 Keys GK7-profile PBT Top & PC Sides Keycaps Set

  • PBT Top & PC Sides
  • Dark Fairy Color-gradient Scheme
  • MX Structure Stem, Compatible for Most Switches
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Dark Fairy Color-gradient Scheme

The design concept of Skyloong Dark fairy keycaps revolves around a combination of dark and mystical elements with whimsical and fantastical motifs. This set features deep and rich colors like midnight blue, forest green, deep purple, or black. These colors evoke a sense of mystery and enchantment, creating an atmospheric and magical ambiance. As the community has great demand for keycaps in different style, Skyloong is bringing this new Dark fairy theme. With the pudding-like design, this Dark fairy keycaps set is made for light up your desktop!

GK7 Profile Keycaps Set

GK7 profile keycaps are a specific type of keycap that's designed with a distinctive shape and aesthetic. The GK7 stands for the 7th version of GK keycaps. The surface of GK7 keycap is spherical and the profile (or shape) differs from row to row. GK7 keycaps are taller than many other profiles, which can give a unique look and feel to a keyboard. This profile is considered as a solid option for both gaming and quick or regular typing.

MX Structure Stem, Compatible for Most Switches

The Skyloong Dark fairy Keycaps Set is designed with a MX Structure Stem, which is compatible with most mechanical keyboard switches which means that these keycaps are versatile and can be used with a wide range of switch brands and types, including Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh and more. Additionally, this feature allows for a smooth and stable keypress, ensuring that your typing or gaming experience is consistent and enjoyable.

PBT Top & PC Sides Pudding Keycaps

PBT is known for durability and Polycarbonate is known for its strength and resistance to impacts. Combining these two features into one keycap makes it extraordinary, as it remains the texture of PBT with anti-slipping feature as well as transparent to visible light, making it an excellent choice for keycaps on backlit keyboards. This set aims to achieve an ultimate experience for the player.

120 Keys Set

Apart from the basic full keycaps, this set also contains extra replacement keycaps. It provides more fun of freely matching for your mechanical keyboard. This one can be a perfect replacement set for most popular keyboards among the market. It can fit keyboards of different ANSI layouts such as the one in 61/64/84/87/96/98-key and full-size keyboards.

Technical Specifications

Number of Keys
120 keys
GK7 Profile
MX structure and its clones
Inside the box

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