KiiBOOM Topaz Switches

Original 35 Pieces of KiiBOOM Topaz Mechanical Keyboard Switches Set

  • Compatible with MX Structure Keycaps
  • Factory Lubed Switch Set
  • Built-in LED Slot & Durable Lifespan
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The KiiBoom Topaz is heavy linear switch featuring 59g of operating force and 3.2 millimeters of total travel. This is the perfect linear switch for those who want to make sure every click is felt and registered. The Topaz is the best switch for long session typists who require accuracy even during speedy typing. The Topaz is a no-nonsense switch for serious people who disdain the clickity clack of a tactile keyboard.


Topaz is the birthstone of December and often represents productivity, artistry, and a bringer of wealth. With a transparent polycarbonate construction with tints of blue, green, and yellow, the Topaz is beautiful on its own, but also perfectly complements any RGB setting. The Topaz’s soft colors help relax your eyes after long hours of staring at the screen and can put you in a relaxed state.

Palladium-Plated Contact Points

Palladium is a rare precious metal that is often used in high-end cars and automobiles. It’s more treasured than gold and is even harder than platinum. Regardless of the cost, KiiBOOM insists on adopting palladium-plated contact points for the switches’ pins. This allows the switches to deliver quicker and more precise responses. Moreover, thanks to its chemical properties, the palladium-plated pins bear a longer lifetime than regular pins during long-term use, saving you the worry from oxidation and rustiness.

About KiiBOOM

Our hobbies bring us excitement and color an otherwise mundane day-to-day life. They are opportunities to express our creativeness, explore unique interests, and discover what it means to be us. KiiBOOM is a collective of hobby enthusiasts from all around the world, with passions ranging from mechanical keyboards, high-fidelity audio, art toys (designer toys), garage kits, fountain pens, knives, watches, and fashion. Each member brings a unique set of R&D, marketing, and manufacturing skill sets from their respective fields, and allows an extremely diversified and comprehensive pool of knowledge on how to improve their hobbies.

Our global team ranges from the United States, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Korea. These extensive connections allow us to maximize supply chains and take advantage of both ideas and materials from around the world. A central office and core team in Guangdong, China provides direct oversight into the manufacturing process amongst the creators we partner with for each product.

KiiBOOM exists to invent innovative product designs that can help people enjoy the things they love like never before. KiiBOOM is not solely crowdfunding or a group-purchase platform. We utilize extensive community-based inputs to produce and deliver tangible projects that are ready to ship to you upon order. We bring over 20 years of combined experience in designing, manufacturing, and distributing groundbreaking products across each field. KiiBOOM is ready to fuel a new era of hobbies and passions with every project.

Specifications for KiiBoom Topaz Switches
  • Pin: 5 pins
  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: 59±15gf
  • Bottom Force: 65±15gf
  • Pre Travel: 2.0±0.4mm
  • Total Travel: 3.20±0.2mm
  • Technical Specifications

    Topaz Switches
    Number of switches
    Inside the box
    • 35 Pieces of KiiBOOM Topaz Mechanical Switches

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