FirstBlood B81

75% Bluetooth/2.4G/Type-C Acrylic Gasket Hotswap Mechanical Keyboard

  • 75% Hotswappable Themed Keyboard
  • Gasket Mount with PC Plate
  • Full Acrylic CNC Case & Wrapped PCB Silicone Foam
  • Transparent PC Keycaps with Printing Stickers
  • 1.6M South-facing LEDs & Rotary Diamond-shaped Knob
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75% Hotswappable Themed Keyboard

The Firstblood B81 keyboard is designed with a 75% layout to be more suitable for both office typing and gamers. The 75% layout typically includes all the alphanumeric keys, function row, navigation cluster, and a compact set of dedicated arrow keys. However, it removes the numpad, usually found on the right side of a full-size keyboard, resulting in a more compact and space-efficient design. Being hotswappable, the switches can be easily replaced or swapped without the need for soldering.

Gasket Mount with PC Plate

Gasket mounting is a popular method used in high-end mechanical keyboards to provide a more flexible and cushioned typing experience. The Firstblood B81 uses silicone gaskets to be placed between the keyboard case and the plate. The gasket isolates the plate from the case, allowing for more flex and dampening of vibrations, resulting in a softer and more comfortable typing feel. With the PC plate that features durable and flexible, the keyboard complements the gasket mount system by enhancing the overall typing experience.

Full Acrylic CNC Case & Wrapped PCB Silicone Foam

Firstblood B81 comes in full acrylic CNC case that is made entirely of acrylic material, precision-cut using CNC machines. The PCB, which houses the electronic components of the keyboard, is wrapped in silicone foam for additional protection and dampening. The silicone foam wrapping adds an extra layer of protection and helps to minimize vibrations and noise, enhancing the overall typing experience.

Transparent PC Keycaps with Printing Stickers

Transparent PC keycaps provide a unique and modern look to a keyboard. PC is a durable and transparent thermoplastic that allows light to pass through, making it compatible with RGB lighting systems. The keycaps come without printing. To display the printed characters or symbols on transparent PC keycaps, stickers with the desired designs are applied to either the top surface or the side of the keycaps. Firstblood B81 continues to meet your needs by improving visibility of key legends from multiple angles and provides customization options for those seeking personalized keycap designs.

1.6M South-facing LEDs & Rotary Diamond-shaped Knob

The B81 keyboard is installed with 1.6 million south-facing LEDs. In this configuration, the LEDs are positioned towards the bottom (south) of the keycap, facing the user when the key is pressed. This orientation ensures that the legends or characters on the keycaps are easily visible, even in low-light conditions. The Diamond-shaped knob is set for volume control. It is also well-illuminated, and provides a comfortable grip and tactile feedback when rotating the knob.

FirstBlood Ice Star Jelly Switches
  • Type: Linear
  • Operation Force: 38±10g
  • Pre Travel: 1.9±0.5mm
  • Total Travel: 4.0±0.4mm
  • Technical Specifications

    Case Material
    Yes, compatible with 5-pin switch
    RGB backlight
    Keycap Material
    Wired, Type-C to USB cable
    Inside the box
    • Keyboard
    • Cable
    • Instructional Manual
    • Keycap


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