EPOMAKER Sky Blue Keycaps Set

133 Keys Cherry Profile Side-printed Double Shot PBT Full Keycaps Set

  • Light-color Design in Sky-blue
  • Long-lasting, high-quality PBT material in Cherry profile
  • Side-printed & Shine-through
  • Fully compatible with Cherry MX Switches and clones
  • For 60%/65%/75%/TKL/96%/1800-compact/full-size ANSI keyboards
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Let’s Get the Sky On Your Desk!

The EPOMAKER Sky Blue 133-Key Keycap Set is an appealing upgrade for those looking to enhance their mechanical gaming keyboard's aesthetics and functionality. This set is designed to fit any mechanical keyboard that uses the ANSI layout, which is standard across many keyboards in the United States. The vibrant sky-blue color of the keycaps offers a fresh, eye-catching look that stands out in any gaming setup or workspace.

Durable PBT with Double-shot Process

These keycaps are crafted from double-shot PBT plastic, renowned for its durability and resistance to wear. PBT plastic is particularly resistant to the shiny wear that often appears on lesser materials after extensive use, making it ideal for gamers and typists who spend long hours at their keyboards. The double-shot molding technique used ensures that the keycap legends are exceptionally durable and remain clear and legible over time, even under heavy use.

Side-printed and Shine-through

A distinctive feature of this keycap set is the side-printed legends. Rather than being printed on the top, the legends appear on the front side of each keycap. This design helps protect the legends from fading due to finger contact during typing or gaming. Additionally, the side-printing contributes to a minimalist and uncluttered look on the keyboard, appealing to those who value a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Ergonomic in Cherry Profile

The keycaps feature a Cherry profile, which is a time-tested profile found on many stock keyboards. This profile is favored by many for its ergonomic benefits, enhancing comfort during prolonged typing or gaming sessions. The lower profile also facilitates quicker and smoother transitions between keys, which can improve typing speed and accuracy.

133-Key Set for Full Compatibility

Designed to adorn a spectrum of keyboard sizes, the EPOMAKER Sky Blue Keycap Set is compatible with 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL (Tenkeyless), 96%, 1800-compact, and full-size ANSI keyboards. Whether you own a compact keyboard or a full-size layout, these keycaps fit seamlessly, making them a versatile choice for keyboard enthusiasts everywhere.

Technical Specifications

Color Scheme
Sky Blue
Number of Keys
133 keys
Cherry Profile
PBT Double-shot
MX structure and its clones
Compatibility with layout
60%/65%/75%/TKL/96%/1800-compact/full-size ANSI Keyboards
Inside the box
  • A Set of EPOMAKER Sky Blue Keycaps

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