Coiled USB C Cable, 1.5m Double Sleeved Cable for Mechanical Keyboard

  • The Special Edition of MIX Coiled Cable
  • 4-Pin Aviator Connector
  • TPU Outer Layer, Double Sleeved
  • USB-C Interface, USB 2.0/3.0 Compatible
  • Various Colors Choices
Green Black
Dark Red
Dark Red Black
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The Special Edition of MIX Coiled Cable

The highlight of EPOMAKER MIX SE Cable lies in its coiled section, which conveniently incorporates a clear acrylic rod. This ingenious design allows you to neatly wrap the cable around the acrylic rod, keeping it organized and tangle-free. Say goodbye to messy cables cluttering your desk and embrace a clean and sleek workspace. The acrylic rod also serves as a decorative element, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your keyboard setup.

4-Pin Aviator Connector

With the MIX SE Cable, you can enjoy even greater reliability and stability during intense gaming or demanding typing sessions. The 4-pin aviation wire design ensures a seamless and uninterrupted connection, eliminating lag and ensuring fast responsiveness. Stay focused on your game or work without any interruptions, thanks to this cutting-edge upgrade.

TPU Outer Layer, Double Sleeved

Not only does the MIX SE Cable excel in performance, but it also raises the bar in terms of durability. The TPU and fiber wire mesh construction, reinforced with fishnet, guarantees exceptional strength and resilience. Say goodbye to frayed or damaged cables and welcome a long-lasting companion that can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

USB-C Interface, USB 2.0/3.0 Compatible

The USB-C interface provides a universal connection that is not only fast and reliable but also reversible, eliminating the frustration of plugging in the cable the wrong way. With USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatibility, the MIX SE Cable guarantees high-speed data transmission and efficient power delivery, allowing you to maximize the performance of your keyboard.

Various Colors Choices

As usual, we love colors. The MIX SE cable is designed in various vivid colors to match different keyboard trend. We are dedicated to adding more vibrant energy to your daily life and work. Solid color, contrast colors, or one with various colors like a rainbow? It is up to you! Get one to match your keyboard right away!

Technical Specifications

TPU, Fiber wire, fishnet
100W Max, 20V/5A
Inside the box

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