EPOMAKER Custom Switch Odyssey Deskmat

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Exceptional Materiality

Fabricated with a harmonious blend of thick rubber and fine cloth, the Odyssey Deskmat stands as a testament to superior craftsmanship. The thick rubber base lays a steadfast foundation, minimizing any unwanted movement during key presses or mouse glides. Conversely, the fine cloth surface paves the way for a smooth, frictionless interaction with your mouse and keyboard, amplifying precision and ease.

Expansive Dimensions

Spanning 900*400mm, the Odyssey Deskmat offers a bountiful canvas for both your keyboard and mouse. The generous dimensions cater to an array of desk setups, from the minimalist to the more elaborate ensemble.

Whimsical Switch Silhouettes Design

With an enchanting design of switch dolls composed akin to Matryoshka dolls, the Odyssey Deskmat encapsulates the essence of mechanical switch evolution in a whimsical narrative. Each switch doll nestled within the other represents a journey through the tactile and audible spectrum of mechanical switches, making it a fun yet insightful centerpiece on your desk.

Optimized Performance

The meticulous construction of the Odyssey Deskmat ensures precise tracking and fluid movement for both your mouse and keyboard. The anti-slip rubber base anchors the deskmat firmly, paving the way for unbridled performance.

Embrace a Journey of Tactile Wonderland

Embark on a tactile voyage with the EPOMAKER Custom Switch Odyssey Deskmat at the helm. Its superior construction coupled with a unique, engaging design makes it the perfect companion for your desk, beckoning a delightful user experience each time. Secure yours and let the tactile voyage commence!

Technical Specifications

about 520g
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