Epomaker Alice QMK/VIA DIY Kit

Alice QMK/VIA gasket-mounted hot-swappable acrylic wired mechanical keyboard DIY kit

  • Ergonomic Alice Split Design
  • VIA/QMK Programmable
  • Gasket-mounted
  • Stacked Acrylic Clear Case with Amazing RGB Backlights
  • Type-C Connection & Compatible with Windows/Mac
  • South-facing LEDs and underglows

Note: Keycaps in the photos are samples. They are not on sale.

Preorders will be shipped in two weeks.

Glass Purple
Glass Green
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Alice Style Mechanical DIY Keyboard Kit

Laying hands on each side of a split keyboard is an ergonomic move, and now we make it! To be an exceptional DIY keyboard kit, Epomaker Alice adopts the ‘arisu’ layout which is slightly different from the traditional alice layout. It is splitted based on a 65% keyboard, developed from the original Alice layout to meet the demand for arrows keys and some function keys on one side.

Gasket Mount & Sound Absorption Cotton

Gasket mount keyboards are well-known for giving a cushioned typing feel, as the plate is not in direct contact with the case housings. Compared with other mounting systems, a gasket-mounted keyboard, especially with a PC plate, can provide a rebouncing typing experience because the gaskets cushion the shock from each keystroke. As to the sound, we go with the sound absorption cotton in between the plate and the PCB board, so the keyboard sounds and feels soft.

VIA/QMK Programmable

Epomaker Alice DIY kit is programmable by VIA/QMK. For users who are not used to the alice split layout, there’s nothing more convenient than remapping the keys by VIA without reflashing its own firmware. The changes can be saved on board, and be worry-free about losing the saved memory while unplugging and replugging the keyboard. Being compatible with QMK, there's a great potential of being programmed and modded in the Epomaker Alice for you to discover.

3-Pin & 5-Pin Hot-Swappable PCB

As a DIY keyboard, hot-swappable sockets on the PCB are convenient for changing mechanical switches at will without having trouble soldering. Being both 3 and 5-pin hot-swap, you can install or change the general 3-pin and 5-pin switches to the keyboard at will. The Epomaker Alice DIY kit indeed includes a variety of features that appeal to gamers and DIY enthusiasts. Customizing your own Alice keyboard just sounds right!

Refinedly Tuned Plate-mounted Stabilizers

The stabilizers that come with this DIY kit are refinedly tuned to prevent rattling on large keys like spacebars and modifiers. With the general 2u stabilizers which are easily to be found around the market, Epomaker Alice DIY mechanical keyboard kit offers a premium stable typing experience as well as providing another option for DIY enthusiasts to unlock more fun of changing stabilizers.

Stacked Acrylic Case with Amazing RGB Backlights

Acrylic-based keyboards are cool to typists as they can be much brighter with backlights. Epomaker Alice DIY kit applies full acrylic pieces stacked to a complete case and installs LEDs and RGB modules on the PCB. The backlight can shine not only through the sockets but also from the sides of the keyboard, creating a visible environment even under dark conditions.

Technical Specifications

Alice split, 69 Keys
Support 3/5-pin switches
Switch Type
Mechanical Cherry MX Style switches
Case Material
Stacked Clear Acrylic
VIA/QMK Compatible
Special key size
  • R-Shift: 1.25u
  • L-Spacebar: 2u
  • R-Spacebar: 2.75u
  • Dimension
    Inside the box
    • Epomaker Alice QMK/VIA Kit (including PCB, Mounting Plate, Stabilizers)
    • Type-C Cable


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