Rapid Trigger Mechanical Keyboard With Magnetic Switch

  • 81 keys, compact 75% layout
  • Type-C Wired Connectivity
  • Cherry Profile Dye-sub PBT Keycaps
  • South-facing RGB LED
  • Hot-Swappable (for magnetic switches only) & Gasket Structure
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Hall Effect Magnetic Switches for Precision

The CIDOO C75 marks the brand's initial foray into full aluminum keyboards, equipped with Hall Effect magnetic switches. These switches are renowned for their fast feedback, dynamic triggering, and customizable actuation points, enhancing your gaming experience by allowing for tailored responsiveness. To improve the typing experience, which can sometimes feel less than ideal with magnetic switches, CIDOO has integrated a full aluminum case, a gasket structure, and multiple layers of sound-dampening materials, making each keystroke smooth and satisfying.

GATERON KS-20U Magnetic Hall Sensor Switch

The CIDOO C75 features the GATERON KS-20U White Magnetic Hall Sensor Switch, known for its stability due to an extended magnet tube design and dual-rail structure that ensures even force distribution and reduces errors in force application. Factory-lubed for noise reduction and a smoother feel, these switches elevate the typing experience with ultra-smooth keystrokes and enhanced durability.

Adjustable Actuation Point

The Adjustable Actuation Point feature on the CIDOO C75 allows users to customize the activate point of each key from 0.1 mm to 4 mm. This precision enables gamers to reduce key travel for quicker responses, essential in fast-paced games, while typists can increase it for more deliberate keystrokes, enhancing accuracy. Tailoring actuation points to personal preferences or specific tasks making it ideal for both competitive gaming and professional typing.

Rapid Trigger (RT)

This feature allows the keyboard to dynamically adjust the actuation and deactivation points of keys based on the distance the key is pressed. This capability is especially useful in gaming where rapid key presses are crucial. When a key is pressed and released quickly, it reactivates faster than typical mechanical switches, allowing for quicker command inputs and immediate repetition of keystrokes, crucial during intense gaming sessions.

Dynamic Keystrokes (DKS)

The Dynamic Keystrokes function allows each key to perform up to 4 actions based on the depth of the keypress. For example, a light press might execute one action, while pressing the key further could trigger a second action. This feature supports complex command sequences within games or productivity applications, enabling users to program up to four distinct actions per key based on different pressure levels. This multilayered input method drastically enhances gameplay dynamics and offers nuanced control over in-game actions.

Mod-Tap (MT)

The Mod-Tap function optimizes key utility by assigning dual functionalities to a single key, dependent on how it's used. A quick tap can perform one function, while holding the key down can activate a different one. This feature is particularly beneficial in gaming and programming environments where key real estate is valuable, and accessing multiple functions swiftly and conveniently can significantly boost efficiency and reaction times.

Toggle Key (TGL)

The Toggle Key feature allows any key to have a dual mode of operation: a standard press and a continuous press mode, selectable by the user. Tapping the key quickly can initiate a burst of repeated keystrokes, useful for gaming scenarios where repeated input is needed (like firing a weapon). Holding the key can switch it back to normal operation, where each press corresponds to a single action. This flexibility provides gamers with a strategic advantage by adapting the keyboard to different in-game situations seamlessly.

CIDOO Driver Programmable with On-board Memory

All advanced functions can be adjusted via the CIDOO Driver, along with key remapping and lighting effects customization. On-board memory allows users to store their settings directly on the keyboard, ensuring preferences are maintained without the need for opening the driver.

Solid Build and Design

The CIDOO C75, with its sleek 75% layout, balances compactness and essential functionality, retaining all necessary keys including arrow keys, function row, and navigation/editing buttons on the right. It features a robust full aluminum case, adding a premium feel with a weight of 1.95kg. A metal volume knob on the top right corner enhances user control, complemented by an RGB bar on the left side for a striking cyberpunk aesthetic. Mystical characters embellish the side profile and back, infusing the keyboard with a sense of mystery and advanced technology.

Advanced Gasket Structure with Sound Dampening

Internally, the CIDOO C75 utilizes four layers of sound-dampening material to tune acoustics, including plate foam, EVA case foam, and an IXPE switch pad, complemented by silicone gasket mounts and a PC plate. Finely tuned stabilizers and cherry profile dyesub keycaps contribute to a noise-free, deep-sounding "thocky" typing experience.

Specifications for Custom Switch
GATERON KS-20U Magnetic Hall Sensor Switch
  • Type: Linear
  • Stem: POM
  • Top Housing: PC
  • Type: Linear
  • Operating Force:30gf
  • Total Travel: 4.1±0.2mm
  • Initial magnetic flux: 102Gs
  • Bottom-out magnetic flux: 905Gs
  • Action travel: Freely setting
  • Spring: 15mm
  • LED Support:SMD
  • Pre-lubed: Yes
  • Lifetime: 100 million

Technical Specifications

Wired only
Case Material
6063 Aluminum
Plate Material
Pre-lubed Plate-mount
Cherry Profile Dye-sub PBT (non-shine-through)
South-facing RGB LED
Polling Rate
Adjustable 1000hz-8000hz (via CIDOO driver)
Yes (for magnetic switches only)
1.95 kg
Inside the box
  • Keyboard
  • Manual
  • Type-C Cable
  • Keycap Puller


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