Epomaker Keyboard Reviews - November 2023:RT100, Shadow-X, EK68

Epomaker Keyboard Reviews - November 2023:RT100, Shadow-X, EK68

by Phoebe Wang on Apr 25, 2024


“De blikvanger van de RT100 is het mini-display. Hierop kun je tijd, datum en de temperatuur van je CPU zien, en gelukkig ook de accustatus van je toetsenbord. Wanneer je de RT100 aansluit op je computer en de Epomaker-app opent, kun je de inhoud van het display aanpassen. Zo kun je kiezen uit een bibliotheek van gifjes of er zelf een maken. Zelf een gifje maken is leuk, maar kost veel tijd als je dit voor het eerst doet. Ik heb er Pikachu op gezet. Erg leuk om te zien, maar het zou nog leuker zijn als je er een andere functie aan kon koppelen. Bijvoorbeeld een melding wanneer iemand je een bericht stuurt op een sociaal platform. Voor nu is het een leuke toevoeging aan een fraai vormgegeven toetsenbord.”

Translation for Reference:

"The highlight of the RT100 is the mini-display. On it, you can view the time, date, and CPU temperature, as well as the keyboard's battery status. When you connect the RT100 to your computer and open the Epomaker app, you can customize the content of the display. You can choose from a library of GIFs or create your own. Creating a GIF is fun but can be time-consuming if you're doing it for the first time. I put Pikachu on mine. It's enjoyable to see, but it would be even better if you could associate it with another function, like receiving a notification when someone messages you on a social platform. For now, it's a nice addition to a beautifully designed keyboard."

By Elvi

Nov 20, 2023

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“Epomaker RT100 è una tastiera meccanica che non passa certo inosservata. A prima vista colpisce per la presenza di uno schermo lcd e di una manopola con rotazione a 360 gradi, che possono essere utilizzati sia per la visualizzazione di informazioni che per controllare opzioni di varia natura. Una volta messa alla prova con la scrittura si dimostra estremamente efficace, con una varietà di switch selezionabili che permettono di adattarsi alle preferenze di chiunque, da chi predilige una corsa ridotta e un suono marcato a chi è invece alla ricerca di una soluzione più silenziosa. Adotta un layout 95% (97 tasti) e supporta la connessione cablato con ingresso usb-c o bluetooth, con una batteria da 5000 mAh che le garantisce un’eccellente autonomia.”

Translation for Reference:

"The Epomaker RT100 is a mechanical keyboard that certainly doesn't go unnoticed. At first glance, it stands out with its LCD screen and a 360-degree rotating knob, which can be used for displaying information and controlling various options. When put to the test for typing, it proves to be extremely efficient, offering a variety of selectable switches to cater to anyone's preferences, from those who prefer a shorter keypress with a pronounced sound to those seeking a quieter solution. It features a 95% layout (97 keys) and supports both wired connection via USB-C and Bluetooth, boasting a 5000mAh battery that provides excellent battery life."

By Marco Ravetto

 Nov 7, 2023

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“The unusual thing about the Shadow-X is its tiny OLED screen on the right-hand side, not much larger than a small postage stamp. The screen shows the date and time, the keyboard’s battery charge, plus the CAPS LOCK key status. The screen also indicates if the keyboard is in Mac or Windows mode alongside a few other things, such as the connection to the host computer, ...it has turned out to be one of the most satisfying mechanical keyboards I’ve reviewed in quite a while. The keycaps are well raked and there are two levels of flip-out feet to set the keyboard at the right typing angle. The Shadow-X has superb double-shot keycaps that make it incredibly satisfying to use.”

By Mark Sparrow

Nov 12, 2023

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“The Epomaker Shadow-X is a breath of fresh air in the world of mechanical keyboards. Its design, features, and tactile feedback make it a promising contender for both newbies and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.”

By TechGuru(Derek)

Nov 14, 2023

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“... bringt die Epomaker Shadow-X Tastatur eine erfrischende Abwechslung in den Markt. Mit ihrem einzigartigen 70%-Layout, das eine Brücke zwischen den herkömmlichen 65% und 75% Tastaturen schlägt, hebt sie sich in mehreren Bereichen von der Konkurrenz ab. Besonders interessant ist ihr Ansatz, traditionelle Designkonventionen zu durchbrechen, beispielsweise durch das Hinzufügen eines LED-Displays und eines multifunktionalen Drehknopfes.”

Translation for Reference:

"... the Epomaker Shadow-X keyboard brings a refreshing change to the market. With its unique 70% layout, bridging the gap between traditional 65% and 75% keyboards, it stands out in several aspects from the competition. Of particular interest is its approach to breaking traditional design conventions, such as adding an LED display and a multifunctional rotary knob."

By Jens Sydow

Nov 28, 2023

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“The keycaps on this build are probably my favorite part. With the aluminum colored plastic case and purple keycaps, this keyboard really screams “I look like a custom keyboard”, so when you’re paying under $100 for this board, it makes it feel like it’s worth a whole lot more. The keycaps are the ideal mix of PBT, Cherry, and double-shot to really boost the aesthetic and functionality of the keyboard. Not to mention, the PBT keycaps will last a super long time without wearing down or developing greasy fingerprints.”

By Jake Harrington

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